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SURGE PROTECTION IN BELTON, Harker Heights or Killeen, TX

SURGE PROTECTION IN BELTON, Harker Heights or Killeen, TX

A direct lightening strike to your home can cause huge financial loss from the high voltage surges that can travel through your electrical wiring. These surges can destroy expensive equipment including your home theater, telephones, electronics and electrical appliances.

Direct or nearby lightning strikes are not the only problem, risk of downed lines causing a surging of your electrical system will prove to be extremely destructive. As the lines are repaired a surge will be caused, making your electronics and appliances go on and off. That cycling can result in tremendous financial cost to those appliances.

Whole house surge protection can provide one of the cheapest forms of insurance protection that a homeowner will ever purchase. There is no comparison in upfront costs when you place it up against replacement costs.

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We are also fully licensed, certified, and insured in the state of Texas. Our goal is to be the electrician that homeowners to depend on for reliable services.


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